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fredag 6. juni 2014

When I was a much younger child than I am now, I loved collecting bugs and insects. In first grade it was the main interest I had at school, which was shared with my best friend at the time.
Then as I got older it, along with dinosaurs and minerals, became interests I used to have when I was younger.
Earlier this year I noticed some original and wonderful art from an Instagramer I follow; Mortemer. She works with dead animals as well, but what caught my interest was her art made from insects. Bugs, spiders, butterflies ect.
That was the moment I re-realized how cool insects, especially bugs are. One of my best memories from my first trip to Mallorca was seeing a rhino beetle on the ground. I now realised I could actually order a rhino beetle online. I could mount it on my wall. I always knew this was possible, but that was when I really realized it. So I went online, on etsy. I found all sorts of beautiful beetles, and then I found a starter kit for spreading beetles at home from this one seller. I got so excited and was filled with inspiration. The next week, as soon as I could afford it, I ordered the kit. Two days ago, it finally got here;

The bright green beetle and the cicada at the top I ordered individually, the rest was in the kit.
I was so excited to get started I immediately put the bugs in the relaxing chamber to soak over-night and be ready for spreading.
I already knew before recieveing them some things I wanted to do with them. I wanted to put them in frames with colorful backgrounds. What I needed was printed paper, usually acquired in scrapbook-shops. Now, I love oslo with all my heart, but if there's one thing this city lacks its a decent scrapbook-shop. So I needed to get to my tiny hometown of sarpsborg to get what I needed for this new art project.

The next morning, what is now yesterday, I went to sarpsborg. I made plans with my mother and grandmother to go to the store together, as it was a long time since I'd seen them now.
It was a gray morning. I didn't feel particularity cheerful as I am incredibly affected by weather. It rained and the air was heavy and it drained me for energy and spirit.
I didnt feel like dressing up and I opted for makeup that was plain, flattering, usual. Not in an adventurous mood, I didn't look forward to the bus trip.
It went okay, tho 

The night before, I had finished painting this vase which I intended to give to my mom as a late birthday present.
I got it finished and I bought it with me. As I arrived in Sarpsborg, I hurried to the floral shop at the mall as I still had a little time before I was meeting my mom.
I wanted to find a nice, simplistic plant to put in it. As I went to pay, I asked the man, who's face I'm very familiar with as I've been to this mall so much before moving, to wrap it with my customized vase. He said of course, no problem, before commenting on how lovely it was, showing it to the other employee behind the counter, a girl about my own age. She nodded and agreed, saying it was beautiful. The man asked me where I found such a lovely item. When I told him it was my own creation he practically beamed. He showered me in compliments, ran to show his wife in the store and told all the customers in line about it. It was extremely awkward but at the same time the nicest thing I've ever experienced with an item I've made. The vase was not that amazing, the lines were wobbly and the design is not too original, but this man found it to be the most wonderful thing. It made me want to just give it to him, seeing someone love something I did so much. I will definately make him one some day.

Then I met up with my mom. One thing about my mother; she loves spoiling me. And I love being spoiled by her. She bought everything I needed for my bug art project and lots of other stuff. She also gave me a gift card to use for shopping while I was there, and I was able to buy some things I've really wanted and I'll definately wear it this weekend if the weather allows it.
Another thing about my mother; she usually gives me some of the makeup she doesn't use any more when we meet. And this is high brand stuff. Me, being a sucker for luxury, love high brand makeup though I can never afford it, so I always appreciate it.
After a few hours shopping and eating and drinking frappès at cafe we took the bus back to each our homes, having a nice discussion about how people are pressured into roles and how work and education is not the only thing of importance in a person.

As I got home I could finally start spreading my now fresh bugs. It was so much fun unwrapping the wings not knowing how they looked, I really liked it. They smelled horrible tho.
So this is the start of a new hobby for me. Maybe this is a big moment. Maybe this is something I'll look back to in three years and think about those first bugs I spread, and what an amateur I was back then. Or maybe this is just the year everyone gets framed bugs for christmas.

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