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fredag 27. juni 2014

this week has been pretty slow. My illness has been acting up and I'm feeling sick as well, probably coming down with something.
Two days ago I had a nice date with Christian, however. We had tickets to the new Bryan Singer x-men movie, days of future past. I already saw it a few weeks ago but as I like the x-men franchise a lot, especially the "reboot" that's going on now, I wanted to introduce Christian to it. I showed him first class last week and now we saw the new one. I really like it. Its definitely the best of the x-men movies, not that that's saying too much as the franchise hasn't had the best movies. But this one feels less cheap, the casting is great, the choice of mutants are great, for once, the plot is cool, the action and cinematography is amazing. Even the dialogue doesn't feel too forced or simplistic. Its cheesy and over the top, of course, but for a super-hero movie its on point. Really looking forward to Apocalypse.
Anyways; My lovely man-friend surprised me by saying he was taking me for dinner when I was all set to make something boring for dinner. Now I hate when couples merge and talk about "their" likes and dislikes, but Jaipur truly is "our" favorite restaurant. There's no way around that.
I ordered one of my favorite dishes; a vegetarian meal of vegetables, cheese, raisins, cashews, tofu and a delicious sauce. I was so full when we walked the rest of the street to the theater, but it was a lovely evening.

So that was yesterday. Today I felt so sick and horrible but needed to get to town because someone was buying some un-used hair dye from me. So I decided to fuck it all and just dress up and act "not-sick", because I'll probably be staying in bed for a few days. Might as well just spend this last day in freedom looking nice and doing something I enjoy. I wore my new caps from Glitter, paired with a jacket from Asos and jumpsuit from Nastygal. I met up with Marthe, we went shopping. At søstrene grene we ran into some colorful cuties, and I bought frames for my new Hannibal art from Society6.

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