today I am royal

torsdag 19. juni 2014

I had sushi for breakfast, carrot cake for lunch, lamb for dinner and candy for the evening I am now spending on the coach with soda, my pet rats, a blanket and James Mcavoy on the screen. This day is perfekt and I feel so content.

My hair was especially flat this morning, so as I had plans to wear a dress, I went for a total edie sedgwick/60's pop look. Its one of my favorite looks, but I rarely sport it.
I met up with jørgen to shop painting at søstrene grene and eat sushi in town. Then I met up with christian as his shift ended, we had plans to go to this lovely cafè we passed at grunerløkka last weekend. We got cake and frappè, and then he surprised me by taking me to eat at this restaurant we'd been wanting to go to for a while but never had. One of my tomatoes had a face.
We got candy from a small candy store and went home. I am insanely full, enjoying my candy, sharing some with the rats,and watching Atonement. 

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