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fredag 30. mai 2014

This day was a very nice day. It was not a perfect day, it was not the greatest day of the week. But it was nice. It had a lot of little nice things in it.
I didn't feel fully rested when I woke. The heat is really taking a toll on me and disagrees with my illness. And I overslept, which is a recipe for a bad day in my book. It makes me aggressive, paranoid and negative. Too much sleep or too much food is really bad for me, I've learned.
These days I have to focus on the small things. The details.
This day might not have been a day I'll remember forever, but at least there were things that made me smile.
I felt my makeup looked nice today. It was safe, flattering. With heave liner and long lashes and browns and blacks. But it looked good.
My hair was shit as I fucked up the mixture when I re-dyed it the other day. Too much pink. Peachy lollipop- color replaced with harsh pink. Which does not suit my mood or wardrobe these days.
But Christian and I took a little walk. It was nice. He picked a yellow flower for me.
Later I was going to the park to meet some people I don't know too well. So I asked Jesper to join me and he did. I ended up sitting and talking to him and a common friend of ours the entire time, but it was nice. It was better than sitting alone as I probably would've otherwise as I'm not too good on social interactions when I'm low on energy or my mood is not too peachy. So I appreciated the help/company.

That was my day in words. This is my day in pictures.

Basic browns and black from MUA and sleek palette for eyes, mix of concealer from bareMinerals and Mac as my mac is too light and my bareMinerals is too dark, nude lipliner from Elf with bright pink Kicks lipstick

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