the day that started shitty but ended great

lørdag 24. mai 2014

when I woke up this morning the world was anything but my playground. I right away felt that this would not be a good day. The weather was gray and cloudy, I felt tired and not rested at all, and everything ached.
I'm in the process of getting my sleeping pattern sortened out, so I've been waking up earlier than I've gotten used to over the last few months. Unfortunately it doesn't mean I fall asleep any earlier than before, resulting in less sleep.
So I had to take on the world this day. Fight it. I partly decided to do that by putting warpaint on my face. By warpaint I mean heavy makeup. Strong contouring, straight eyebrows and sharp liquid eyeliner around the entire eye. Fun fact- I very rarely wear eyeliner that frames my eyes entirely because I am self-conscious about the shape of my eyes. How stupid is that.
But it turned out okay. I liked this look a lot.

I contoured with my trusty makeup-store matte brown eyeshadow, wore a peachy blush to compliment my chose of lipstick; Cosmopop by Limecrime. On the eyes I mainly used my nude-palette from Sleek Cosmetics. I used a shimmery cold brown tone as base, a warm bronze for the crease and a brownish-black at the edges where I later went over with liquid eyeliner.
And it helped. I didn't feel more refreshed but at least I felt more intimidating. Which is my only remedy for days like these as I can be quite hostile and unpleasant if I feel weak or little or torn down by my own energy level.
While getting my face on I listened to Led Zeppelin. No Belle and Sebastian or Radiohead for this look. I think it helped. I also re-dyed my hair because it had gotten to a more peachy-blonde than orange by this time. I added a touch of pink to the mix this time, which is less intimidating but it made my hair look like a lollipop Popsicle, which is also a good thing.

As for outfit, I wanted to push myself out of this stupid comfort zone of mine where patterns are scary and unknown, and this skirt came in the mail just that morning, so it was as good as anything else.
The skirt and the bag are both from ebay and the necklace is from Gina Tricot. My mom gave it to me a few years ago and even tho I love it, I rarely wear it. But it was so cute with this outfit.

There was a reason why I needed to be ready to fight the world. Christian and I had tickets for the Middelalder-festival. Middle-age festival. I had never been, but we've talked about it for the last four years. There's always been a reason why we couldnt make it. There was a reason this year as well, as christian is going to be in sweden over the weekend. But luckily the festival started on friday and he didn't go until today, saturday, so we finally had a chance to go.
I didn't want to this day. Any other day I would be excited, but I wanted to crawl under my bed and hiss at everyone trying to talk to me. I might have hissed at christian a few times that mid-day and that sucks.
But things got so much better as soon as we were on our way. It had just been raining so everything smelled clean and fresh and the air was amazing. It was also incredibly hot but without the sun obnoxiously blocking the view. So the weather was perfect. The clock was about 18.30 when we took the train and we walked a bit before reaching the fort (oh yeah, it was in a fort), and saw nice leaves, wedding-displays in shops and cozy cafès

And then we reached the fort. 
Which is also beautiful just by itself. Christian took me here when we'd been dating for maybe a month and I hadn't been there since, so it was a joyous reunion for my part. Also there were a lot of people dressed up and everyone seemed excited and happy and it was so cute 

The people were great, the things were great, the shows were great. I loved it all. Christian ended up buying a black chest-thing, to use as a jewelry box. I wasn't able to get a decent picture of it, but it was nice.
Then we went home.
I got a face mask and drank soda and was tired as hell.
So I woke up with a frown but fell asleep with a smile. Albeit a tired smile.

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