starting fresh

tirsdag 20. mai 2014

new hair, new season, new start.
Once again I am here, trying to start my regular blogging. Once again it might fail, but then again, maybe this is the time I actually stick with it. We'll see.
Yesterday was a great day for me. For the fist time in a long time I felt good about myself. It was just... my day. I was gonna write this and post these photos yesterday, but I was too tired, went to bed early and therefore didn't find the time. So here they are now.

I am so pleased with this outfit. Also in general just pleased to be able to wear shorts and a crop top and still break a sweat instead of freezing!
This outfit also inspired me to try a "the warrior"/ street tribe kind of makeup-look on some junkyard before summer passes. So, mental note to self to do that.
I also recieved some beautiful lashes in the mail, bought a floral crown from Monki (which have the cutest receipts), I spend some hours in town and had a frozen yoghurt break with my own thoughts and spotify. It was a very nice day~

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