Summer in Oslo

onsdag 21. mai 2014

Today I was going to do grocery shopping at the mall nearby when I noticed that my card was missing. It turns out it was in Christian's pocket from when we got sushi the day before. So instead of going to the mall, I went to his workplace. Which was for the first time, so it was nice to finally meet co-workers and such.
I am happy this accident happened tho. It forced me out and as I took the bus back home/to town, I passed lots of places I haven't' seen which I definitely will soon.

Oslo in the summer is amazing. Every winter I hate everything about Norway, and as soon as the sun shines I take it all back. There's so much green everywhere, and people seems more passionate, more playful and prettier than ever. Summer brings out conversations, interests, youth, smiles, hair with flowers, short shorts, pointy shoes and bright pink lips.
I've been so inspired today.

On the train home I saw a woman with her hair in an up-do wrapped in orange flowers. Her entire hair looked like a flower ornament. It was very nice

I also saw this other woman on the train.  She looked extremely nervous or sad, it was hard to tell which. Maybe a little bit both. And she was carrying a canvas bag with big words printed on it; "keep calm and move on".
She intrigued me because she looked anything but "over it". Maybe she bought the bag as a daily affirmation, or maybe she's usually a strong woman who on this day had a minor breakdown.
She was like a living contradiction. A walking irony.

And then I came home.
My make-up today was pretty plain. Just went for flattering instead of fun. I did however, leave the powder on the counter. I am trying this new thing I like to call "not looking dead", where I actually allow some of my skin to be part of my look. I used some concealer and a bit of this bronzer-oil from Kicks which is my current summer go-to. It gives a slight bronzed color and adds sheen as well as a little bit glitter. I've used it on my legs and arms as well, so I can look like a twillight-vampire AND be slightly tanned

I also managed to do a little bit of shopping! Today was a very good day energy-wise so I wanted to take full advantage of it.
I went to gamestop to look for used Pokemon games (more specifically Pokemon white, white 2 or soul silver), but no luck, as usual. I ended up with Spirit Tracks instead as I actually haven't gotten around to try it yet. So that will be my night-time "reading" when I go to bed.
I also had a little chat with the guy I bought the game from. I've always thought there's such nice people working there, and talking with a stranger is so uplifting for some reason. So that was pretty cool!

I also got this amazing primer-thingy from Body shop! It was a completely new product and I just fell in love with it as I tried it on, it felt very light on but at the same time it did an amazing job smoothing out the skin. It will probably be a new staple item for me.

 As soon as I came home I "made" pitas and falafel for dinner. In made, I mean warmed it up. I was going to make hummus as well but had no more energy left, so, tomorrow maybe. It was very yummy like this tho~

aaand watermelon for dessert.

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